Usage in Blender

Download iOS app

Search for “iFacialMocap” in AppStore and download the app.

Download software and scripts for PC use

Download software and scripts to connect to your PC.


Download can be done from the following URL.





After downloading, save the folder wherever you want.


Also, if you create a shortcut for iFacialMocap.exe and place it on your desktop, it will be easier to use.

YouTube Tutorial (Japanese Language Only)

1. Press the "Open Advanced Setting" button on the PC version of iFacialMocap.


2. Press the Addon button.


3. Open the sample scene (iFacialMocapTestObj.blend).


4. Install


5. Press the "N" key on your keyboard to open the "iFacialMocap Panel" at the top right of the Blender viewport.


6. Press the "waiting for connection" button.


7. Start the smartphone app and prepare.


8. Press the "Connect to Blender" button.


9. The connection is now complete.


10. When you long press the screen of the SmartPhone App, the 3DCG character's face will face forward.